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You can store any type of file in ShareBox, and the most common types of files have the ability to be indexed, and therefore become searchable. PDFs, Images, Word & Excel Documents, Openoffice Documents, Web, and XML Documents may all be indexed by ShareBox. This allows for easy file retrieval later.

It is also possible to store files in Collections. This allows for file organization similar to the most common method used in Windows, Linux, and any other operating system using a common file system. Images, PDFs, and Text files may also be previewed with thumbnails while browsing any category.

ShareBox allows for file versioning and editing control. This means that if a user checks out a file, no one else can edit that file until it is checked back in. Also, you can roll back to a previous version of a file at any time if you need to retrieve lost information or just don't like the way your changes are going.

ShareBox currently allows for Access Control Lists for all types of objects. You can assign or restrict access to users based on a per-user and per-group basis.